The protection of your personal data with the elevation, processing and use on the occasion of your visit on our homepage is to us an important concern. Your data are protected within the scope of the topically legal regulations. In the following you find information which data are saved during your visit on the homepage and how these are used:


1. Elevation and processing of data

Every access to our homepage and every call of a file deposited on the homepage are taken down. The storage serves internal systemrelated and statistical purposes. Are taken down: Name of the called file, date and time of the call, transferred data amount, announcement about successful call, web browser and asking for domain.

In addition, the IP addresses of the asking for workstation are taken down.

Further personal data are only grasped if you provide this information voluntarily, possibly within the scope of an inquiry or registration.


2. Use and passing on of personal data

As far as you have made available personal data to us, we use this only for answering your inquiries, for the winding up with you closed contracts and for the technical administration.

Your personal data are only transmitted to third parts, if this for the purpose of the contract winding up, in particular passing on of order data to supplier or this for account purposes is necessary, and you before have agreed. You have the right to revoke a given approval with effect for the future any time.

The deletion of the stored personal data occurs if you revoke your approval of the storage, if her knowledge is not necessary to the fulfilment of the purpose presecuted with the storage any more or if her storage for other legal reasons is inadmissible.


3. Information right

On written inquiry we will inform you with pleasure about the data stored to your person.

Security note:

We try hard to store your personal data by seizure of all technical and organizational possibilities in such a way that they are not accessible to third. With the communication by E mail the entire data security cannot be guaranteed by us, so that we recommend you with confidential information the post.