HOWO-SYSTEC® presents the worldwide first bullet proof mobile safety barrier system

MSV-S RAL-toneThe HOWO-SYSTEC® Mobile Safety Barrier System - Bullet Proof (MSV-S) can be applied in manyfold situations, is available at any time, can be transported with little logistic effort and can be assembled quickly. Per element, the requiered time for the assembly is about 5 minutes. Nearly all surfaces are feasible. The maximum height of 5.20 meters is guaranteed.

Unique, quickly assembled and with an extremely high safety factor. The mobile module system MSV-S offers a quick and reliable versatility and a maximum of safety in military operational areas as well as for building security. The bullet, water and fire proof MSV-S is universally usable. As a protection against the shelling of long or short guns, incendiary compositions or vehicular attacks.

Further military applications:

Quick and safe barrier with extreme protection against weaponry attacks. Usable for military positions, roadblocks and guard for buildings and warehouses.

MSV-S sketch sideviewAs a defensive barrier conventional sandbags are obsolete and are effectively replaced by the mobile safety barrier system. The assembly of the single elements are easily be done using simple hand tools and is identical to the MSV-H system. The time to set up one single element is about 5 minutes. Optimally a buckling loader or a mobile crane is used. The construction of the MSV-H System does not necessarily need braces.MSV-S sketch frontview For this purpose specific assembly instructions are available.


The elements are deliverable in various colours based on RAL-tone - mottled camouflaged or uncoloured.

MSV-S NATO-STANAG 2280Tested by German armed forces

The MSV-S system was tested and certified by the German military accordingto NATO-STANAG 2280 (Design Threat Levels and Handover Procedures for Temporary Protective Stuctures).

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